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Webcomic reviews by Brutilus
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Thursday, February 9th, 2006
3:45 pm
Wapsi Square

Artist & Writer: Paul Taylor
Address: http://www.wapsisquare.com
Rating: PG13 for suggestive situations and mild language
Who will like it: People who like to laugh at the absurdity of interpersonal relationships and comics about close friends.

Review by Brutilus

After sifting through the chaff of the web comic world for a year or so, I came across a little gem. It's about a woman named Monica and her post-college friends.

Monica herself is the central character in most of the goings on. She's not even 5 feet tall, but wears a 28G bra. (She's a bit on the top heavy side.) She's frightreningly cute, but equally clueless. She works at the local university museum as an exhibit coordinator.

Monica is also a dreamer. Often finding herself in her own little world, she counts on her friends to be her connection to reality.

Shelley and Owen play in a band together and have been flirting with each other since third grade. There's an unspoken attraction between the two of them that serves to add an interesting dynamic to their interactions.

The characters in Wapsi Square are best enjoyed by people who've made it out of college and into what we were told was the real world. (You know, that place where we had to grow up and be mature, responsible adults.) But as we all know, if we take it too seriously, we're in for serious trouble.

Paul has made huge strides in his art over the years. It's nice to be able to go back and reread the old strips to see how the characters have developed, both artistically and personally.

Wapsi Square is updated Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Images are copyright
of Paul Taylor.
3:17 pm
Old reviews
Ok, ok, ok....

I don't have any new material to post here yet (as you can clearly see on the date on the first posted review. This was kind of set up on a whim, but new material will be up soon.

While I am working on the new material, I will be posting some reviews I have written for other sources.

In the future, I hope to get some additional writers to contribute and maybe even get some of our favorite webcomic writers to talk about their favorites.

See you soon!

Wednesday, March 10th, 2004
2:49 pm
General Protection Fault - The Comic Strip

Artist & Writer: Jeffrey T. Darlington
Address: http://www.gpf-comics.com
Rating: E for Everyone
Who will like it: Dilbert, sci-fi, and video game fans

Review by Brutilus

This is a strip about a small software company. Nick the inventor and lead programmer is the short guy you see in the logo above.

GPF Software is run by a soft hearted guy named Dwayne. He handles day to day business whilst his staff of cracker jack tech heads (Nick, Ki, & Dexter)makes all of his and Trent promises realities. To help the programmers keep on programming, his network guru (Sharon) keeps the hackers out while Fred (a slime mold with a PhD) answers the tech support calls.

There are two former members of GPF’s staff that have gone missing: Fooker and Trudy. Fooker has been forced to work full time for the U.G.A. (Undisclosed Government Agency) to keep his friends from having to abandon their normal lives. Trudy is on the run from the law after her ultimate scheme to take over the world failed.

Jeffrey Darlington has managed to build one heck of a readership while keeping everything PG rated. He does a great job with satirizing current geek and pseudo-geek trends. The artwork hasn’t changed much over the years, but his unique style was already pretty developed when he started the strip. He also frequently es crossovers with other strips. Just by reading GPF, I’ve been turned on to a half dozen other web comics.

GPF is one of the oldest web comics out there. It started back in 1998 and all the back strips are available both in the free online archive and in book format from Plan
9 Publications

GPF is updated 7 days a week.

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